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E Coaching Academy



Watch this video to learn about the coaching programs!


It is if you are:

A BUSINESS OWNER who wants to learn in a step by step, methodical way so you’re not overwhelmed and you know each step one at a time. You may want to choose your first business to start on an additional stream of income to build & start to grow and scale the business. 


We share with you EVERYTHING it takes to build many different streams of income from the very best Experts. People  I’ve learned from, outsourced to, employed that I would trust to help teach you how you can do it too.

NETWORK MARKETERS Who want to become certified as a Professional network marketer & build their business professionally with the most up to date current strategies that are working TODAY.

BEGINNER ENTREPRENEURS If you want a road map to follow step by step then we have everything you need.

SOMEONE who wants community, motivation, education & inspiration. We have it all in abundance.

SOMEONE who wants to personally develop, who wants to step into the person they know they are absolutely mean’t to be and be around those on the same journey or further ahead to catch the fire that will be all around you.



This will depend on what programme you choose & the level of coaching (you can find that out on the next page). You will have access to:

Weekly / Bi weekly group mentoring sessions

Regular masterclass from Experts & myself

Access to all recordings or all lives and sessions

Access to over £100,000 and growing monthly worth of trainings, courses & mentoring

24/7 Support from my incredible team

Prize giveaways & lots of fun

Access and personal introductions to my network of trusted trainers, experts, service providers, influencers and entrepreneurs

Additional resources like workbooks, freebies, checklists, all the good stuff & some!

Support, Q&A’s, Masterclasses from our featured guest experts


Are you fed up of just being on the hamster wheel?

Tired of playing small. 

Ready to throw away your limiting beliefs & get into the right environment?


Maybe you’ve been TRYING to figure it all out by yourself and you’re just not moving forward 

You want a step by step, move by move system 

You feel like you know that you and  your business need this 

You NEED to get around a huge group of AMAZING - LIKE MINDED people who will help spark that flame in you too 


You know that life is short, precious & you don’t get a second run so now is time for you to take the step… Go to the next level


And you feel like you definitely need the help, support, guidance, ideas & Coach to get you to where you want to be


Then Let’s GOOOOOO! 


Enrolment will be closing when the remaining seats have been filled.

Seats currently available: 34


* Enrollment opens only upon availability & closes when available seats per each enrollment period have been filled .*

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  • What packages and levels are there and how much do they cost?
    When you click to view coaching packages you’ll be able to see everything.
  • Is there a contract?
    No, there are no long term contracts, and you can cancel at anytime.
  • I'm really not sure if it’s for me at the stage I’m at, can I talk to someone?
    Absolutely you can of course. My team and I are hear to answer your questions. Just CLICK HERE to book a call with us.
  • Does it matter what business I’m in?
    No, Emma is experienced in all areas of business. You can access a lot of different industry trainings, and also Emma to get specific questions answered.
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